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Drones are a great tool to quickly gather data to help increase efficiency, reduce risk and offer a way to reduce overall cost.
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Aerial photography / surveying / mapping is not just about the aircraft. It’s about total solution, complete with the software, tools, experience and knowledge required to perform jobs accurately, efficiently, and safely.

DroneWorks can provide a range of commerical drone services from aerial imagery and photography, to survey / mapping and more.

Aerial Film / Photography

Get the shot you need to promote your business or project.
By providing you with clear aerial footage and photography, you’ll have the perfect material to make sure your business or project gets noticed.

Roof Inspection

Save time and money by reducing the need for scaffolding, man-lifting equipment and helicopter charters. By keeping survey and inspection officers on the ground and out of harm’s way, you can greatly reduce the risks and costs involved with elevated inspections.
Detailed images and reports can be created to hand to your roofer, insurance company etc.
We will provide you with high resolution still images and up to 4k video so that you can effectively replay the inspection offline.

Asset Inspection

Aerial imaging using drones gives you a view of your buildings and critical assets that are not possible without risky and costly scaffolding, cherry pickers or rope access.
Risks and hazards associated with using these access methods are virtually eliminated and we can carry out inspections with minimal disruption to your normal business and asset operations.

We can provide additional screens and a dedicated camera operator where complex piloting is needed, allowing your own specialist surveyors, engineers or facilities managers to direct inspections and to request our focus on specific areas.
We will provide you with high resolution still images and up to 4k video so that you can effectively replay the inspection offline.

Survey / Mapping

Our drones and software can provide high resolution orthomosaics and topographic surveys for a wide range of applications including civil engineering, construction, agriculture and Land Registry boundary verification.
We can provide up-to-date and more detailed imagery than is available from satellite sources and can complement traditional ground-based surveying and mapping techniques leading to significant and impressive time savings on the ground.
For survey grade accuracy, we can also work with a qualified surveyor, using ground control points to ensure sub-centimetre accuracy if required.

Construction Progress

Job site documentation is essential for every general contractor. Whether you need to share the state of a project with clients and stakeholders, monitor site changes over time, or dispute claims down the road—you’ll need to capture progress photos over the course of a project.
We will provide you with high resolution still images and up to 4k video so that you can keep project stakeholders up to date and review progress regularly, reducing costly rework.

Solar / Thermal Inspection

Using infra red equipped drones, aerial thermographic inspections of buildings and other assets including ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar (PV) modules and arrays are possible.
Aerial thermographic inspection of buildings and plant can help to identify areas of poor or failing insulation, cold bridges in construction as well as air leakage.
Use of aerial infrared imaging can also help to identify routes of sub-surface infrastructure and identify leaks in underground pipework including district heating schemes and agricultural irrigation systems.


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