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Quickly and safely collecting accurate data and imagery using drone technology, streamlining workflows in property and construction, in Lancashire and the North West.

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Credentials - Always Use A Qualified, Insured Operator
CAA Approved Drone Operator
£5m Public Liability
£1m Professional Indemnity
CHAS Advanced / SafeContractor SSIP Accredited
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more detail

Full coverage in high resolution, not possible with traditional methods


Data collection and turnaround is much quicker, reducing time on site

save money

Lower rework costs by identifying issues early, compare design to plans


No working at height or traversing busy sites.
Less risk to your staff and job site.

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Drone Inspections

Drones offer the opportunity to rapidly and safely conduct inspections of your assets.
Using high resolution cameras, defects can be detected easily.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging cameras to measure heat loss, detect thermal bridging and assess insulation.
Detect issues not visible to the naked eye.

Drone Survey Data

Detailed data collection for a large survey that would normally take a team of surveyors several days to complete, can be completed by drone in a fraction of the time.

Areas We Cover

We provide drone inspections, surveys and other drone services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

What wE DO

Commercial Drone Operators specialising in construction & property.

Construction / Topographic Survey


Inspection / Digital Twins


Trafic Survey


Veteran Owned

Veteran owned & operated.
Our director is ex army and we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, showing we are a forces friendly company.

ConstructionLine Gold SSIP Accredited

ConstructionLine Gold SSIP Accreditations. Showing our commitment to clients that we meet and maintain the required health and safety standards.

CAA Approved

Always use a CAA approved drone operator. All flights are fully risk assessed and liability insured for commercial operation.

M210 RTK solar inspection solar panels


Welcome to DroneWorks, leading drone operators in the North West for all your construction site, analysis, and inspection needs.

Located in Preston, Lancashire, we are rapidly establishing ourselves as the sole drone company in the North West for all commercial inspection and analysis.

Be it for roof inspections, construction site analysis, land surveying, detection of heat loss, infrared / thermal thermography inspection, or infrared solar panel inspections, we are spearheading the change in construction site processes.

If you are located in Manchester, Preston, or further afield in Lancashire or Cumbria, get in touch and let us discuss how we can streamline your processes, whilst saving you time and money.

DroneWorks have grown and developed an expertise in construction sites and property projects, helping deliver market-leading inspections and site analyses, providing you with the most accurate data possible in a substantially quicker and safer way than traditional surveying methods.

Remember.... we do so much more than pretty pictures!

Drones for Construction Monitoring

Using the latest RTK enabled drones, we digitise your construction site to provide accurate data, enabling site managers to monitor the project and compare the as-built vs design.

This allows for a streamlined approach and undertaking of the construction procedures, as the site manager is able to access pinpoint accurate data to effectively progress the project.  

Phantom 4 PPK above a hauler on site

Furthermore, using a traditional land surveyor can take days to work. Gone are the days of waiting days for a land surveyor to navigate, collate, and present you with data of the site – which is vulnerable to human error. Using a drone, the process can be reduced to a hours.

There simply is no other way to be able to analyse a construction site as accurately and efficiently as our way.
Those who know Drone Works, use DroneWorks

Waiting for a surveyor and a site engineer to be able to measure data points to create a topographical drawing is the archaic site analysis and inspection procedure. With a drone, you get data points for everything on-site. The accuracy is just as good — but the details are much higher. Thanks to our leading drone imagery, you also get a visual representation of the site. Like Google Maps, but higher resolution and up to date.

The advantages of having a high-res visual representation of a construction site increase exponentially with every day passing. For accurate, time-and-cost-saving land surveying in Manchester, Preston, and Lancashire, get in touch with us today. 

Drones are quickly becoming the go-to tool for job site documentation, providing aerial perspectives, along with accurate visual data, to help your team make better decisions on the job site.

Surface levels, cut and fill maps, stockpile volumes, 2D and 3D CAD drawings, all obtained quickly and accurately using drone technology.

That's not to say we are replacing surveyors! We work with surveyors to ensure they can concentrate on the data and do what they do best.

Remember.... we do so much more than pretty pictures!

M210 RTK solar inspection solar panels

Infrared / Thermal Inspections

Infrared / thermal thermography is an extension of our Inspection Services. We can pick up defects that the naked eye would miss and detail current and future potential issues inbuilding fabric, detect heat loss, moisture ingress and also defects in photovoltaic (pv) solar panels.

With drone mounted infrared sensors we can cover large commercial buildings, increasing visibility and detecting defects not possible from the ground.

With traditional methods, you rely on an individual to be able to spot the most minute details, which is simply not always possible given the nature of accessibility, safety, efficiency, and cost. Thanks to our industry-leading fleet of commercial drones, not only are we able to access areas that would be otherwise impossible, our infrared / thermal drones provide the highest quality deliverables, including full site analysis reports and imagery that you can be sure is the most accurate possible.

Our drone services are readily available across the North West, including Manchester, Preston, and across Lancashire.

Save Time, Money, Reduce Risk

Whilst many still hold dearly to traditional land, roof, construction site, and solar panel surveying processes, there are clear limitations that can now be completely circumvented.

Thanks to our drones, operated by fully insured, accredited drone operators, you streamline your entire building site operations, soaring ahead with the development of your building project.

We are specialists in PV solar panels inspection and analysis in the North West, encompassing Manchester, Preston, and Cumbria. 

M210 RTK solar inspection solar panels

With drone operators slowly gaining traction across the north west, it is imperative that you employ someone fully accredited, insured, and experienced in commercial drone operations.

Our accreditations and extensive experience with drones in a commercial domain allow us to confidently work alongside you, whatever your needs may be.

Backed up by CHAS Premium Plus and SafeContractor SSIP and £5m public liability, you can be assured we operate safely, safeguarding your reputation.

Get in touch today and revolutionise your construction analysis and inspection processes.