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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

Drone Inspection and surveys in Blackpool

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!
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Drone Inspection and surveys in Blackpool

We're conducting drone inspections, roof inspections, site surveys and more in your area.
Save Time & Money using Drone Technology!

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Drone Surveys In Blackpool

We are leading drone operators which are based in the city of Preston. We cover a range of areas in the Northwest, including Blackpool. We provide a range of services which include construction inspections, traffic surveys, roof inspections, infrared thermal imaging, and capturing media footage to clients in Blackpool and other surrounding areas.

Our team take so much more than pretty images!

Drone Inspections In Blackpool

We can travel to clients which are based in Blackpool and other surrounding areas who would like an inspection carried out on their sites or buildings. We will use one of our drones to carry this out and our team will work closely with yourself or your surveyors to help inspect your entire site. Specific areas can be focussed on if this has been requested.

All our footage is captured in high quality and will be presented to you in the same format, meaning that it is much easier to assess and inspect the footage as it would be if it was distorted or pixelated. Along with receiving high quality footage, our drones are capable of reaching  inaccessible and harder to reach areas safely.

Many times, an inspection will be carried out and areas will have been missed due to safety and hazards. Not anymore with our incredible drones! You will receive a true picture of your site with no areas missed!

Don’t worry if you cannot be available on site as we can complete the inspection alone! As long as we can gain access into the site and it is safe to do so, and received permission off the landowner, we can carry out the inspection whilst you are away, at home or working in the office. If required, we can provide you with a real time view of the inspection.  

Gone are the days of waiting an eternity for the data to come through and sorting through it bit by bit. We will provide you with your data quickly and altogether more efficiently.

Drone Roof Inspections In Blackpool

How does reducing 70% of your time inspecting roofs sound? By choosing us to inspect your roof, you are dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on inspecting and instead you can put that time to better use.

Our drones are fitted with zoom and thermal cameras which allows us to identify any heat escaping from areas as well as zooming in to potential hazards or problems. Without the use of our drones, especially with our thermal imaging, noticing heat loss and missing. Not only are you improving your footage, but you are also decreasing the level of risk which comes with assessing roofs.

Assessing a roof will more than likely require working at heights with scaffolding and cherry pickers. Working at a considerable height increases the chance of injuries and in some cases, fatalities happening.

During 2021 and 2022, it was recorded that falling from a height was the highest fatality in the workplace with a staggering 29 fatalities recorded.

Here at DroneWorks, we want to reduce the number of fatalities caused by falling from a height. Whilst we know that not all of these incidents were caused by roof inspections, we are hoping that using a drone to carry out roof inspections or check for potential hazards prior to anybody working at a height will help to keep safety as a number one priority.

Choose DroneWorks to help you view your inaccessible areas high up on your roof and together we can help eliminate those risks!

Drone Construction Inspection Blackpool

During 2020 to 2021, 39 fatal incidents were recorded across the construction industry and were caused by falling from a height, trapped by something, struck by a moving object or vehicle, or contact with moving machinery.

By choosing DroneWorks, we can inspect your construction site by using one of our specially equipped drones to assess the area and the progress of your current project. This can help to reduce unnecessary personnel’s being on the construction site which increases the risk of fatalities happening. This will also help to reduce disruptions.

Drones help to provide accurate data in a quick and efficient time frame which can then be processed to help produce future projects and support your team during decisions. Our drones will allow you to see the data right in front of you which can be paused, rewound, and re-played as many times as you need.

We are receiving a number of requests from construction sites to carry out their inspections with our drones and we are hoping that this will soon become the new normal in the construction industry.

Our drones will help you reduce the risks across your site, become more time efficient, and overall be cost effective, meaning that you can increase the money spent towards other resources.

You will no longer need to use cherry pickers and spend time and money on scaffolding as we are here to support the construction industries in Blackpool and other surrounding areas.  

Drone Traffic Surveys In Blackpool

A typical traffic survey would usually require an entire team to monitor each exit on a roundabout or junction as well as having extras to cover breaks. This will often take all day which means your staff members would be out of the office all day.

As well as this taking all day, it can be a strenuous task in challenging weather conditions. Whilst it may seem a simple job to observe traffic, data can often be obscured and has a high risk of being inaccurate.

By choosing a drone to carry this survey out means that all the data will be 100% accurate, it will take one drone and one single drone operator which is much more efficient and reliable! Having the footage in front of you will mean that you can rewatch the footage back and compare data to ensure that everything is correct.  

Traffic surveys are often carried out during peak times and records traffic count, traffic type breakdowns, origins, and destinations, along with lengths of queues at different points throughout the day.

Choose DroneWorks

DroneWorks are here to offer support to individuals and companies across Blackpool and surrounding areas with our range of drone services.

Our team will be on hand to support you with your projects and help you achieve your required goal. Our intentions are to help our clients save time, money, and resources whilst we provide you with consistent high-quality data!

If you have a project which would benefit from one of our services, schedule a meeting with our team and lets discuss your plans and projects! We will help turn your plans on paper into real life projects in a safe and efficient way!

drone surveys

Save time, money and reduce risk in property and construction projects.

No need for the cost and hassle of scaffolding, cherry picker or MEWPs.
We collect accurate data quickly and safely!

Access difficult to reach areas with high detail.

DroneWorks have grown and developed an expertise in construction sites and property projects, delivering inspections and site analysis, providing accurate data in a substantially quicker and safer way than traditional surveying methods.

Remember.... we do so much more than pretty pictures!

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!

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Drone Inspection and surveys in Blackpool
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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

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