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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

Drone Inspection and surveys in Blackburn

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!
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Drone Inspection and surveys in Blackburn

We're conducting drone inspections, roof inspections, site surveys and more in your area.
Save Time & Money using Drone Technology!

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Drone Surveys In Blackburn

Our team are the leading drone operators in the Northwest and cover areas such as Blackburn. DroneWorks can support construction sites, traffic surveyors, roof inspectors, or provide media footage and offer infrared thermal imaging. If you require assistance from a drone and are based in or around Blackburn, our team are on hand to help and support you through your project!

Our team are capable of much more than just taking appealing photos… we make projects happen!

Drone Inspections In Blackburn

If you require an inspection to be carried across a site or a singular building in Blackburn or the surrounding areas, our team can achieve this with one of our fully equipped drones. Whether you have a surveyor or are just requiring an inspection for yourself, our team will work alongside and ensure that the inspection is carried out correctly and thoroughly! We will never leave a job half completed! Our team will only leave once our clients are happy and satisfied with the finalised job!

As well as providing you with a thorough inspection across your entire site, our drones can specifically focus in on specific areas which you have requested. These areas are usually inaccessible on foot which makes our drones even more unique!

All of the footage which we capture will be provided to you in 4k high definition which makes assessing and evaluation much easier and efficient. No more time wasted sat looking at pixelated or blurry footage which is near impossible to determine any relevant information from.

Not only will our footage be a much higher quality, but our drones can gain access to areas which are usually deemed too unsafe to access if you were inspecting on foot. Therefore, you will receive an accurate picture of the entire area as opposed to just part of it. The data will then be assessed and sent back to you which will save you hours sat in the office going through footage to find only a small section is viable.

Drone Roof Inspections In Blackburn

If we said that by using our drones you could save 70% of your time when it came to assessing roofs, would you believe us? There will be no need to construct scaffolding or use cherry pickers when you need to inspect your roof as our drones can do it for you!

When our drones are inspecting your roofs, we can provide infrared thermal imaging footage to guarantee accurate footage of your roof and any issues occurring. Issues such as heat loss, leaks, or missing insulation can all be picked up on our thermal imaging drones. It isn’t just time which our drones can save you, but we can also dramatically reduce the risks which come with this process.

When it comes to assessing roofs, heights are involved and often requires cherry pickers and scaffolding. Working at a height comes with an increased level of risk. In fact, between 2021 and 2022, falling from a height was documented as being the highest cause of fatalities with 29 recorded!

As a result, by choosing to use DroneWorks for your roofing inspections, you are helping to reduce the risk factors involved and remove the need for anyone to work at an excessive height and be on roofs!

Choose our team to work at height and let’s reduce the risks together!

Drone Construction Inspection Blackburn

Between 2020 and 2021, 39 fatal injuries were documented in the construction sector across Great Britain. These 39 fatal injuries were caused by a number of things. Here are the top 5 causes.

• 4% involved contact with moving machinery – on average 1.56 people

• 10% was caused by being struck with a moving vehicle – on average 3.9 people

• 11% of the fatalities were struck by a falling or flying object – on average 4.29 people

• 13% were trapped by something which had collapsed or overturned – on average 5.07 people

• 50% of these injuries were caused by falling from a height – on average 19.5 people

One of our aims at DroneWorks is to make the construction industry a safer place which is why we have introduced drones into inspections. Before the use of drones, contractors or other employees would be expected to work at a substantial height to carry out the inspection and ensure that everything is working correctly, now with our drones this is not needed!

We can provide you with accurate and specific data all within an efficient timescale which can be used in meetings and towards future projects. Once the data has been collected and examined, we will then send it over to you which you can watch at your own convenience as many times as you need.

Our team are beginning to receive much more interest from construction sites to have their inspections carried out by our drones and we are hoping that the demand for our services will continue to grow. Choose our team and save yourself time and money which can be put towards other resources and projects! We are here to support construction sites across Blackburn and surrounding areas.

Drone Traffic Surveys In Blackburn

Traffic surveys usually require a suitably large team to carry the process out efficiently. This usually involves an entire team to monitor a roundabout, junction, or busy road as well as having additional members to allow for breaks.

Often, a traffic survey can be costly as well as a strenuous task, especially in challenging weather conditions. With the team tiring towards the end of the traffic survey, data may not always be as accurate as it should be which can often lead to anomalies in the results. False results can jeopardise your projects and in certain instances make things much more challenging and harder.

If you decide to carry out this survey with a drone, you will receive accurate statistics which can be checked back with the footage to ensure everything correlates.  

We usually see these surveys being carried out during peak times and will record a number of different things such as traffic count, breakdown of traffic type, where the vehicle came from and which way it headed, and the lengths of queues at certain points throughout the day. Once the data has been collected, it will be taken away and assessed before we return it back to you. With the data provided, changes can be made, and the area can be improved for the traffic.

Throughout the entire survey, all which is required is an operator and their drone! No more taking your team out of the office all day to watch traffic, we will do it for you quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Choose DroneWorks

By choosing DroneWorks, our team will be there to offer any services we provide for individuals, or company requests in or around Blackburn!

Our team will be on hand to ensure that you achieve what you set out to do and finish your projects with the help of our drones. We can help you save money, time, and resources all whilst providing you with reliable data!

Get in touch with our team to schedule a meeting to discuss future projects sat in the pipeline or ideas you may have. We will work with you as a team, and we can make it happen!

drone surveys

Save time, money and reduce risk in property and construction projects.

No need for the cost and hassle of scaffolding, cherry picker or MEWPs.
We collect accurate data quickly and safely!

Access difficult to reach areas with high detail.

DroneWorks have grown and developed an expertise in construction sites and property projects, delivering inspections and site analysis, providing accurate data in a substantially quicker and safer way than traditional surveying methods.

Remember.... we do so much more than pretty pictures!

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!

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Drone Inspection and surveys in Blackburn
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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

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