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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

Drone Inspection and surveys in Manchester

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!
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Drone Inspection and surveys in Manchester

We're conducting drone inspections, roof inspections, site surveys and more in your area.
Save Time & Money using Drone Technology!

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Drone Surveys In Manchester

DroneWorks are leading drone operators, based in Manchester in the Northwest.

Within our services, we offer construction inspections, traffic surveys, roofing inspections, infrared thermal imaging, and creating new perspectives with media. If you are based in Manchester or other surrounding areas and are interested in one of our services, let us help you!

Don’t forget… we are capable of much more than just taking pretty pictures.

Drone Inspections In Manchester

We aim to support both commercial and private clients in and around Manchester with a range of our services. Allow our team to work alongside yours or just yourself to ensure that the job is completed to the best of its ability. As well as inspecting your entire site, we are happy to target particular areas if this is requested.  

As opposed to receiving distorted or pixelated images, our footage is all captured in 4k high-resolution videos with an additional choice of using infrared thermal cameras. All of your site will be captured in this as well as making it possible to capture areas which are normally considered too dangerous to access if you were using traditional methods.

You will receive a true picture with nothing missing!

Once the inspection has been carried out, we will work tirelessly to get the footage back to you in an appropriate time frame. No more heaps of messy notes and confusion, all your data will be in one place which can be accessed as and when you need to!

Drone Roof Inspections In Manchester

What would you say if we told you we can save 70% of your time inspecting your roofs?

Whether you are checking for general wear and tear or a more specific issue such as heat loss, our cameras are equipped to check just that. With infrared thermal imaging, our drones can detect any heat loss throughout your roof or missing insulation. Along with checking all of this, we can noticeably decrease your time, costs, and risks.

When it comes to checking roofs, scaffolding and cherry pickers are often required due to the heights you are working at. Between 2021 and 2022, falls from a height was seen to be the highest fatality with 29 deaths.

By choosing to use DroneWorks for your roof inspections, we are helping to reduce the risks involved working at a height.

Our drones can access hard to reach and unsafe areas without putting a worker’s life at risk.  

Drone Construction Inspection Manchester

39 fatalities were recorded across the construction industry during 2020 to 2021 and the cause of these ranged from being struck by a moving object, becoming trapped, or falling from a height. Out of these 39 fatal injuries, 50% of these were due to falling from a height.

By using our drones, you will receive precise data which can be used towards helping organise future projects or alternatively simply use them for efficient and safer checks across your site.

Using drones will give you a much more accurate representation of your construction site as opposed to using tradition methods which manual inspections. The data collected will be more accurate and can then be used for future projects further down the line. By choosing to use DroneWorks, the data will not only be right in front of you when discussing projects, but this footage can be replayed as many times as you wish.

As time goes by, more and more construction sites are beginning to choose drones for their inspections as opposed to standard methods and we are hoping that our approach starts to become the new normal across all sites! Let our time save you money, time, improve your projects and most importantly reduce the risk for your team and other outside contractors.

You will no longer need to hire scaffolding and lose two days of work whilst you install it and put it up and you will no longer need to use cherry pickers as our team is here to support construction sites across Manchester and other surrounding areas.

Drone Traffic Surveys In Manchester

Prior to drones being introduced into this sector, a team would be required to observe an area to survey for traffic, whether this is at a junction, roundabout, or a busy main road. Along with having a team monitoring the area, additional members would often be required to allow for breaks.

Not only can this survey end up being costly, but it can also often be seen as quite a demanding job, particularly in challenging weather conditions. With this job being physically and mentally tiring, it can often increase the chances of mistakes being made and data being inaccurate.

However, by choosing to carry your surveys out using a drone, your data will be recorded and put in front of you, meaning that you can examine it as many times as you wish and collect data as you go! If there are any anomalies within your data, you can simply go back and rewatch to check all correlating figures.

Surveys tend to be carried out during rush hour or busier times than normal to capture the true representation of the traffic in that area. During the survey, the following data can be collected:

• Traffic count

• Breakdown of traffic type

• The origin of the traffic

• The destination of the traffic

• Queue times throughout the days

Once this data has been collected, plans can be put into place to improve the traffic’s journey as well as the area.

To perform all of this, all you need is a single drone and its operator. Efficient, effective, and much more reliable!

Choose DroneWorks

DroneWorks are here to offer assistance to companies based all around Manchester and other surrounding areas by using our drones.  

If you require one of our services, no matter which one, we will be there to support you and help you achieve your overall outcome. Whilst we do this, our end goal is to help save you time, money, and resources and provide you with reliable data you can trust!

If you are keen to work alongside our team, schedule a meeting with our team to discuss any projects you may have in the pipeline. Working alongside us will ensure that your plans will happen!

drone surveys

Save time, money and reduce risk in property and construction projects.

No need for the cost and hassle of scaffolding, cherry picker or MEWPs.
We collect accurate data quickly and safely!

Access difficult to reach areas with high detail.

DroneWorks have grown and developed an expertise in construction sites and property projects, delivering inspections and site analysis, providing accurate data in a substantially quicker and safer way than traditional surveying methods.

Remember.... we do so much more than pretty pictures!

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!

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Drone Inspection and surveys in Manchester
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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

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