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not JUST pretty pictures.

We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

Drone Inspection and surveys in Carlisle

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!
Jason, Founder, DroneWorks

Drone Inspection and surveys in Carlisle

We're conducting drone inspections, roof inspections, site surveys and more in your area.
Save Time & Money using Drone Technology!

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Drone Surveys In Carlisle

DroneWorks are the leading drone operators for the Northwest, based in Carlisle. Our team will help with construction sites,traffic surveys, roof inspections, infrared thermal imaging, or capturing bespoke media footage. if you are based in or around Carlisle, use no other team than DroneWorks to help support you with your projects!


We don’t just capture pretty photos… we provide for businesses and future projects!


Drone Inspections In Carlisle

If you are based in or around Carlisle and are requiring an inspection across your site, you have come to the correct place! All of our drone operators are fully qualified and insured to carry out your inspections.We will work alongside yourself or your surveyors to carry out an inspection across your site or building, particularly focusing on any specific areas you have mentioned.


All of your recorded footage will be given back to you in a high definition format  which will make assessing and inspecting much easier and effective. Gone are the days of trying to comb through footage which is distorted or incredibly pixelated because drones are here to replace them.


As well as receiving high quality footage, we can access areas which would otherwise be deemed to unsafe if you were to inspect on foot.This would often mean that parts of the inspection would be missed out or inadequately captured.


Use a drone and ensure that the entire area is recorded, and nothing is left unchecked.


We do not just give you a load of images. All data is hosted in a secure cloud platform where images can be located, viewed, commented. It will even create your report for you, saving time on your inspection.


2D not good enough? DroneWorks can create a high resolution digital model, providing context and allowing measurements to be taken.

You can even share with sub contractors to obtain accurate quotes for works, monitor progress and collaborate.


Drone Roof Inspections In Carlisle

If we told you that we could save you 70% of your time inspecting roofs, would you believe us?


We certainly can save you time by using our drones to inspect your roofs! As well as 4k cameras fitted to our drones, we can also examine your roofs with our infrared thermal imaging, meaning that we can identify any damaged areas which are releasing heat, allowing water to enter,or insulation missing. But this isn’t all, we can reduce the risk to yourself and other contractors dramatically.



Unfortunately, inspecting a roof isn’t all that plains ailing. Many require scaffolding or cherry pickers and sometimes both. This comes with both an added cost and an increased risk of fatality. Between 2021 and 2022, the highest fatality recorded was falling from a height with 29 fatalities documented.


By choosing to use DroneWorks to perform your roofing inspections, you too can reduce costs and reduce the risk factors for all involved.  


Drone Construction Inspection Carlisle

As well as all of them injuries caused in the past year,during 2020 to 2021, there were 39 fatal injuries in total across the construction industry! 50% of these fatalities included falls from a height where the other half included moving vehicles,machinery, falling objects, or becoming trapped.


We aim to reduce the amount of fatalities caused each year by increasing the number of construction sites using drones.


Using our drones ensures that you receive all of your data accurately and in an efficient time frame as this can then go on to improving future projects and support you in any decisions. Choose a drone to inspect your construction site and be provided with the data right in front of you to play as many times as you wish!


There will be no need for surveys to work in harms way and a 20ha site can be covered in a few hours, not days!

Data can be delivered quickly enabling you to make informed decisions to keep the project on track.


Our operators hold CSCS cards and DroneWorks are both CHAS Advanced and Safe Contractor accredited, for your piece of mind, ensuring our commitment to safety and YOUR reputation.


Drone Traffic Surveys In Carlisle

Before drones started to be seen as anything else other than a toy, an entire team would be required to carry out a traffic survey, whether this was at a roundabout, junction, or a busy road.


Traffic surveys would often lead to costly bills and become quite a challenging task, especially in difficult weather conditions. Therefore,your team may not perform as well as they could, and this can lead to costly mistakes and inaccurate data. However, a drone is reliable, trustworthy, and accurate! As well as all of this, the footage will be right in front of you, meaning that you can assess and examine the footage as many times as you wish to ensure that all data correlates.


Traffic surveys tend to be carried out during peak times in the area to collect a true representation of the traffic. Certain things like traffic count, traffic type, origin and destination, and the queue times across certain times of the day will all be recorded on the drone. once this has been collected and analysed, the area can be improved for all concerned, including traffic.


All of this requires just one single drone and its fully qualified and insured operator, making this quick, efficient, and reliable!


Choose DroneWorks

We are here to provide support to companies in Carlisle and wider Cumbria, bringing you benefits of drone technology.


No matter which service you require, we’re on hand to help,advise and ensure we fit smoothly into your work flow.

We aim to save you time, money, and resources whilst providing you with reliable, accurate and usable data efficiently!


DroneWorks are CAA approved drone operators, carrying public liability and professional indemnity insurance for your piece of mind.

All drone surveys are planned, risk assessed and executed with safety in mind.


Schedule a meeting with us and let’s discuss a project you have ongoing or sat in the pipeline. Together, we can make it happen!


Always use a qualified insured operator!


drone surveys

Save time, money and reduce risk in property and construction projects.

No need for the cost and hassle of scaffolding, cherry picker or MEWPs.
We collect accurate data quickly and safely!

Access difficult to reach areas with high detail.

DroneWorks have grown and developed an expertise in construction sites and property projects, delivering inspections and site analysis, providing accurate data in a substantially quicker and safer way than traditional surveying methods.

Remember.... we do so much more than pretty pictures!

We can save time on your drone inspections and surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria, whilst saving you time and money. Building surveys, land surveys, site progress, stockpile volumes and more!

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Drone Inspection and surveys in Carlisle
Credentials - Always Use A Qualified, Insured Operator
CAA Approved Drone Operator
£5m Public Liability
£1m Professional Indemnity
CHAS Advanced / SafeContractor SSIP Accredited
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We undertake drone surveys all over the North West including:

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