Advanced Traffic Survey

  • One Camera can cover a whole island / intersection

    No setup / calibration required.

  • One single data set

    One dataset, reduces processing time, increases accuracy

  • Detailed Metrics

    Speed, acceleration, object size and wait time

  • Traffic Behaviour Modelling

    Detect dangerous situations, calibrate models of driver behaviour or even count the capacity of crossroads

Advanced Traffic Survey

Advanced Traffic Survey Image

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We can collect your traffic survey data. Please contact us, we're happy to discuss.

Save Time

The old way...

Traditionally, a traffic survey would involve a team of traffic surveyors, or multiple cameras, covering each exit of a traffic island or intersection, manually counting traffic over a given period.

For a typical island this may require 4 personnel or cameras who may also need to be swapped out for breaks.

This is labour intensive and results in multiple data sets which need to be collated to get a full survey of the given location.


The new way...

A single drone and operator can safely cover a whole traffic island or transport corridor. Operating the drone from a safe location, away from traffic, the drone can record high resolution video, getting a perspective not normally possible.

This perspective enables us to capture video footage of traffic behaviour which can then be analysed and detailed data extracted.

A single dataset is quickly processed and data can be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Read our Case Study.

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Fast, Efficient, Accurate

Data can be captured quickly and safely without interrupting traffic or putting surveyors at risk.

Data is available quickly, with survey results being delivered within 24hours of survey completion.

The following are some of the possible metrics extracted from traffic footage:

Traffic Counts
Origin & Destination matrix
Queue Length analysis
Traffic flow
Driver behaviour ( acceleration, braking, lane changing)
Detect accidents before they happen
Safety analysis

The major benefit here is that once a survey is concluded and you wish to expand on that survey, the data does not need to be collected again. We will simply process the original dataset to extract the new metrics required.

Artifical Intelligence, Interactive Data

Using drones and AI for traffic analysis can bring several benefits to a traffic survey project, especially where detailed data is required. Even basic traffic counting is highly accurate, with traffic classification as standard. Time, cost and risk initially spring to mind, but the level and accuracy of data available is real game changer.

  • Interactive data via a secure, customisable dashboard
  • Traffic Count
  • Vehicle list
  • Saturation Flows
  • Origin / Destination Matrix

If you later require further analysis, we can quickly obtain that information from your original survey

Advanced Traffic Survey Image 3
Advanced Traffic Survey Image

How can we help?

We can collect your traffic survey data. Please contact us, we're happy to discuss.

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