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It was not too long ago that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones, were seen by industry insiders as gimmicks at best – toys at worst.

Now, however, forward-thinking businesses across many industries are realising drones are a great tool to quickly gather data to help increase efficiency, reduce risk and offer a way to reduce overall cost.
With many applications from media through to construction and much more, there are still a lot of business owners who have not yet realised the potential of commercial drones.

If you're looking to hire a drone operator, be sure to use a CAA approved and insured operator.

Here's an overview of a few applications:

  • Media / Marketing
  • Asset Inspections
  • Solar Panel Inspections
  • Surveying / Planning
  • Construction
  • Conservation

As you can see, drone technology can be of benefit in many ways, often bringing a reduction in time, cost and safety.

It is expected that drones will become a great tool for businesses to increase efficiency and perhaps more importantly, offer a way to reduce overall cost.


DroneWorks is located in Preston, Lancashire and is capable of undertaking Aerial surveying projects across the UK.

The use of drones to inspect existing infrastructure can be cheaper, faster, and importantly safer.
Simple inspections jobs of buildings and structures is now easily done by flying a Drone, identifying areas in need of repair.

We can provide a range of commerical drone services from aerial imagery and photography, to survey / mapping and more, see our services page for more information.

...there are still a lot of business owners who have not yet realised the potential of commercial drones.


We are looking for businesses to help us with research to quantify the real world benefits of drones in order to build a case study.

Interested or even if you’re just curious, we're happy to discuss anything drone related, no obligation, get in touch!

DJI Inspire1 with X5 16MP camera

We're excited to be offering these innovative services to our clients and proving the benefits that they can bring to businesses taking advantage of them!

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